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Posted by Nekro on 11/18/02
Delivering the music you request in a week or less or else the next update is free! Ummm Ok so all the updates are free but it sounded good. Looks like the music this week is as grand as ever. Also it has come to my attention that when the updates are a little late that people begin to harass Bishop743. Well hopefully I can put a stop to this. Bishop only finds the songs and uploads them them to Beth. Please don't email him or her asking why the update is not done. If anyone should be harassed over it. Email or message me. I am in charge of the html around here. And its my responsibility to get the html changed. Thanks for your cooperation. Now go download your new tunes already!
Posted by PepsiBeth on 11/10/02
The music you love, from the people (and site) you love more... Hehe. Well, it's a good thing we cut the request limit to 2 per person, cause this is once again, our largest update ever! So, what do you think of the new forums? - I personally think they look good, and no, I'm not just sucking up... ^_^ Anyways, have a fabulous week, and enjoy the music!
Posted by GeminiMan on 11/03/02
We have a new message board. All of the posts and info have been archived and moved to the new board, which can be found here.

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