This section is for anything other people send me that has to do with video games or vgmp3. If you'd like to submit a remix you made, some art you've drawn, or whatever else feel free to send it to us.


Superunknown's vgmp3 wallpaper - Here we have a wallpaper from superunknown, very kick ass if I do say so myself.

Megaman Series - This wallpaper from Android 16 features many characters from the Megaman series.

Blob's vgmp3 first birthday - Blob's second tribute wallpaper, given to us as a present for our first birthday.

Blob's vgmp3 wallpaper - Blob made this wallpaper as a gift for vgmp3's first Christmas.


FBR Thank You - A gift from Fantasy Bytes Radio for vgmp3's first birthday.

Game Remixes & Remakes

Beth - Melodies of Life - The song "Melodies of Life" from Final Fantasy IX, resung by PepsiBeth for vgmp3's first birthday.

Beth - Eyes On Me - The popular Eyes On Me track from Final Fantasy VIII, resung by PepsiBeth.

Danoz - Battle Of Olympus Techno Remix - An excellent Battle Of Olympus remix created by Danoz.

Danoz - Punchout!! Theme Remake - A kick ass theme remake for the Nintendo classic "Punchout!!"


Nintendud's flash video - Nintendud's little flash video.

Nintendud's voice clips - A couple of funny voice clips with altered sound by Nintendud.