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All of the sites listed here are affiliated with vgmp3. If you'd like to become affiliated with vgmp3 please contact us. If you'd like to link to us, you may use one of the banners at the bottom of the page.

Game Albums - Massive number of complete game soundtracks available via FTP.

Fantasy Bytes Radio - A Live365 game music radio station. Over 20 hours of streaming music featuring great music from new games and the classics.

BIGmog Radio - A videogame and anime music radio station.

Avalanche Online - A very nice collection of video game reviews, animated gifs, cd covers, artwork, fanfics, tracklists, mp3s, and more.

Elazul's Pad - A network of forums and websites featuring the "Corrupted Sprites" comic, videogame forums, and more.

Vimm's Lair - An excellent site for Nintendo and Super Nintendo ratings, reviews, full color scanned manuals, and much more. Vimm's Lair hosts

Glasko - This site has a bit of everything. Original music, wallpapers, graphics, game reviews, creative writing, and more. If you're an artist of any type, this is a community worth checking out.

The Gallery Of X - GamerX is a very talented artist who creates site banners, wallpapers, signatures, and more. GamerX is the creator of some of the banners found at the bottom of the page.

Ethereal - Several apps and... a flaming penguin. Ethereal hosts and helps maintain the mp3s and forums.

Marby's World - An excellent site for those days when you're bored off your arse and need some funny quotes, games, or good music to liven you up a little.

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