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Animal Crossing - K.K. Cruisin' Aircheck

Animal Crossing - K.K. Faire Aircheck

Ape Escape - Oceana ~ Coral Cave

Ape Escape - The Lost Land ~ Primordial Ooze

Diddy Kong Racing - Wizpig's Races

Donkey Kong 64 - Forest Boss

Donkey Kong Country 3 - Nuts and Bolts

Donkey Kong Country 3 - Rockface Rumble

Extreme-G - Ancient Ruins

Extreme-G - Opening Intro

Famicom 20th Anniversary Original Sound Tracks Vol. 1 - BGM A (Stage Clear) [From Wrecking Crew]

Golden Sun - Golden Sun Title Theme

Initial D Selection 1 - Break the Night (11MB File)

Initial D Selection 1 - Save Me (10MB File)

Koudelka - Incantation again

Koudelka - Kiss Twice

Luigi's Mansion - Credits

P.N.03 - Third Mission

Perfect Selection Snatcher Battle - In Danger [SD Snatcher]

Perfect Selection Snatcher Battle - Theme of Snatcher [Snatcher]

Phantasy Star Online Episode III - The Whole New World ~PSO OPENING THEME~

Phantom Brave - Friend

Star Ocean Till The End of Time - Expiration

Star Ocean Till The End of Time - The Divine Spirit of Language

Super Mario Sunshine - Pianta Village

Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island - Athletic

Sword of the Berserk Chapter of the Lost Flower - Forces II

Sword of the Berserk Chapter of the Lost Flower - The Great Tree

Valkyrie Profile - Eternal Spirits Arise

Valkyrie Profile - To the Last Drop of My Blood